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National Benefit Counselors representatives have worked with thousands of Federal, State, and Corporate employees since 2012. NBC’s team of professionals has a diverse background in pension systems, insurance platforms, and qualified retirement plans. The diversity of education, and, more importantly, the world of options that NBC can provide to employees gives unparalleled access to financial resources to make every financial decision an informed decision.

National Benefit Counselors experts believe education is the basis for making clear and confident decisions. That’s why we give every employee a complementary benefits review session as a first step. Once you have a thorough understanding of your situation, we will present you with the opportunity to speak with a specialist that can help you optimize Investments, Retirement, and Insurance plans. Our specialists will ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck by comparing each of your employee benefits options with off-platform rates. NBC’s independent specialists will provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the best options and will walk you through the process of making any re-allocations or conversions and facilitate support with any necessary applications. Our objective is to ensure you have access to the best plans across the spectrum and help you protect your most precious resource: time. You will have the opportunity to continue working with your NBC counselor by signing up for one of our ongoing support options. In addition, you will receive ongoing communications about Qualified Plan Investing allocations, important plan changes, and opportunity alerts.

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